Feral dogs attacked and killed four in Mexico City

Mexico City Dog Attacks Leaves 4 Dead In Cerro De La Estrella, According To Authorities.

Neighbors of the Cerro de la Estrella, a partly wooded, hilltop park surrounded by the city’s poor and populous Iztapalapa district, first found the bodies of a 26-year-old woman and a 1-year-old child in the area on Dec. 29, authorities in Mexico’s capital said.

The woman, Shunashi Mendoza, was missing her left arm, and prosecutors said that both she and the boy had bled to death and been partially eaten.

Then on Friday visitors to the same park found the bodies of a teenage couple who had also bled to death.

“Experts have established that due to the gravity of the wounds, at least 10 dogs were involved in each attack,” Mexico City prosecutors said in a statement.

Experts are testing the dogs’ hair for traces of human blood and will also test their stomach contents. Authorities did not say what they would do with the animals.

The area where the attacks have occured is apparently a well known area for feral dogs. Recall a tragic story last year when a boy was attacked and killed by African wild dogs when he fell into a zoo enclosure. There are also accounts of wild dogs attacking a leopard and a vehicle. They are feared in Africa and gruesome, efficient hunters. 

But from the article, these were not “wild” dogs but FERAL dogs. They are described as possibly abandoned animals. Domestic stock! Are they hungry? Were they attacking for some other reason? This is a horrifying, unexpected tragedy. We should not forget: Dogs are predators.

This event has sparked debate in Mexico where dogs are treated as disposable. Yet, people don’t wish them to be exterminated. Authorities have not decided what to do with the animals. They have also not come to terms with how to deal with a feral dog problem.

From 2003 <a href=”http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2003/08/0821_030821_straydogs.html”>U.S. Facing Feral-Dog Crisis</a>.

Feral dog pack

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  4 comments for “Feral dogs attacked and killed four in Mexico City

  1. Horsehair Braider
    January 8, 2013 at 10:42 PM

    Feral dogs are a real serious problem in my area. I’ve actually been stalked by them. If I had not had a rifle with me at the time… I would certainly not be making this post.

    A lot of people are irresponsible with their dogs. They allow them to roam loose, they will dump them in rural areas like mine, there are a LOT of unwanted dogs. These animals have no choice but to pack up and start killing things for food. My livestock, or me – it makes no difference to them. They are hungry and need to eat. Like it or not, dogs are able to kill things much bigger than themselves.

    I can only hope that more people will start being responsible dog owners.

    • Alex
      January 11, 2013 at 3:28 PM

      It may be just me but the dogs are probably “getting it on”, its not just for human you know. If the dogs have been out there for a few years I figure they must be having pups on and off. I doubt most are castrated.

      “A lot of people are irresponsible with their dogs.”
      A lot of people are irresponsible of their kids so nothing new here we are after all just naked primates nothing special about us except our cool toys.

  2. daran
    January 9, 2013 at 2:45 AM

    while bushwalking couple of weeks ago I was detected by a pair of rainforest dingoes, the male stood his ground and growled, took a fair bit of yelling and arm waving to get them to go.
    Any more of them and I could have been in trouble

  3. Alex
    January 11, 2013 at 3:25 PM

    “Experts are testing the dogs’ hair for traces of human blood and will also test their stomach contents. Authorities did not say what they would do with the animals.”

    What they can’t just say, kill them its not like we all don’t know. If its these dogs or not, they are all going to be put down like well “dogs” that is what we normally do.

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