Delays on authenticating the Jesus’ wife papyrus

In an update to a story from last year, this isn’t looking promising. But it gives us another opportunity to say “Coptic linguist”.

Delay of Harvard report on Jesus ‘wife’ papyrus buoys doubters | Fox News.

A long-awaited article on a Coptic papyrus fragment believed to reference the wife of Jesus has been left out of the Harvard Theological Review, furthering doubts about the artifact’s authenticity.

The scholarly journal was slated to publish a major article on the finding this month after Karen King, a professor of early Christianity at Harvard Divinity School (HDS), announced in September the discovery of a 4th century fragment of papyrus indicating that some early Christians believed Jesus was married. The text, written in Coptic and likely translated from a 2nd century Greek text, contains a dialogue in which Jesus refers to “my wife,” whom he identifies as Mary.

Kathryn Dodgson, director of communications for Harvard Divinity School, confirmed to that testing and analysis of the fragment, including examination by independent laboratories with the resources and expertise necessary to produce reliable results, is still under way.

“Publication of Prof. King’s paper has been delayed, so that the results of the testing may be incorporated,” Dodgson wrote in an email.

The general consensus is that it is a fake. This delay suggests the journal wishes to make completely sure that it ISN’T a forgery before they publish any results. Or all publishing bets are off.

Karen L. King/Harvard University

Karen L. King/Harvard University

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  1. Bobbi Snow
    January 12, 2013 at 4:37 PM

    While the astute (biased) leaders of our day hope desperately to preserve Jesus as an non-sexual person, one needs only to look to what was considered proper in his time. Until he was 30, he was a normal but well-schooled Jewish man, who was expected to be married by his mid-to-late twenties, by tradition. Whether scholars of today and tomorrow ever condone that Jesus was a normal, married individual doesn’t really matter; that he must have been married FIRST, and gained respect before he began preaching an alternative belief, I personally find it necessary to believe that he did marry in accordance with the expectations of the day.

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