Christmas Eve – Silent, Holy and strange orange lights night

Christmas Eve, a popular night for seeing lights in the sky.

A sighting of an array of orange lights freaked people out a bit in North Bay, Canada.

Many hypotheses were offered.

No shortage of opinions |North Bay Nugget.

There’s been no shortage of speculation about what the yellowish-orange lights were in the sky on Christmas Eve.

Some are convinced it was fireworks, others believe they were Chinese lanterns and a few people are convinced it’s something more.

Online readers flooded the website, posting their thoughts and opinions on after the Dec. 24 story ran in the newspaper.

Many say they were likely Chinese lantern that are carried by the wind and can hover and look to suddenly change direction. They look odd since one isn’t really expecting such a thing in the sky. Others reported odd things in the sky as well that night such as light pillars.

A similar phenomena was reported on the same night in New Zealand.

Couple baffled by two hovering orange orbs |

Hamilton resident Ken Forster and wife Judy were walking home from a neighbour’s house in Flagstaff on Christmas Eve when they saw two strange orange orb-like lights hovering in the sky.

The retired couple said the lights were hanging low and sat for about 15 seconds before they zipped off “faster than a plane” about 10.15pm.

“There were two orange balls and we thought, ‘What the hell’s that?’,” Mr Forster said.

The Forsters’ account comes after multiple reported UFO sightings on the same night across the lower half of the North Island.

Witnesses from Taranaki to Wellington said they noticed inexplicable lights in the sky on Christmas Eve about the same time of night but reports explained them away by saying they were hot air balloons or Chinese lanterns.

And in Concord, CA.

It appears from some quick searching that Christmas Eve is a popular night for seeing lights in the sky. This has happened in many years. I would propose a rather mundane explanation for this. First, LOTS of people are out on this night. More than usual. They are in a festive mood, maybe watching for Santa in sky, paying attention to the weather. And, it’s a holiday where they very well might be parties or people who celebrate by launching chinese lanterns. They sound like chinese lanterns. It makes some sense. UFOs? Not so much sense.


  2 comments for “Christmas Eve – Silent, Holy and strange orange lights night

  1. D.Walker
    January 7, 2013 at 4:44 PM

    I’d’ve proposed, too, that a simple helium balloon painted with glow in the dark paint would look very creepy, too. One time, when I’d been drinking heavily, I saw what looked like a very bright star. It seemed to get BRIGHTER !! IT ACTUALLY STARTED TO MOVE IN THE SKY !!!!! It turned out to be a small plane that had been flying more or less directly at my vantage point, and veered off, turning so that I could see what it actually was. I felt really silly after that. But I was scared there for about 15 seconds. HaHa !

  2. Lucie
    December 25, 2013 at 2:22 PM

    Hi, I saw these in Prague, Czech Republic. Yesterday (24th of December) I was outside with my dog and mom (around 10 – 11 p.m.) and we saw two bright yellow/orange lights and one smaller in charge. They looked weird, not as a plane (I can tell, there is an airport near to my house). For a while they weren’t moving, kinda like observing and them they flew away.

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