Call to fund sound research for childhood cancer

As we posted a week ago, a skeptical activism project is underway to raise money for legitimate children’s cancer research. How are things going?

SPCP tells Doubtful News:

The Skeptics for the Protection of Cancer Patients (SPCP) are delighted to announce the receipt of a $2,500 donation to their St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital fundraiser. The donation was made by an anonymous donor who wanted to challenge fellow skeptics to participate in the campaign to raise $30,000 for research into childhood cancers by January 23. January 23 is the birthday of a notorious cancer doctor in Houston, Stanislaw Burzynski, who for over thirty years has treated patients with a chemotherapy he calls “antineoplastons.”

“After decades of work, and despite millions of patient dollars being poured into Burzynski’s Institute, Burzynski has not convinced the medical community that antineoplastons are an effective cancer treatment,” said Robert Blaskiewicz, a spokesman for the group. “We aren’t asking for anything more than the bare minimum amount of evidence that every single cancer researcher on the planet has to produce to be taken seriously. If a large pharmaceutical company had brought in so much money and produced as little as Burzynski has, his supporters would be quick to condemn them.”

Skeptics and supporters of sound science who want to contribute can do so here.

The campaign has raised over $8,700 in just a week and a half, in large part due to the attention it has received from the wider skeptical community. But there is a ways to go to reach the $30K goal by the 23rd of January, when the SPCP will challenge the Burzynski center to match the funds.

Please donate. If you dislike the way Burzynski is going about with his treatments, donate to support a better system. If you don’t know about him at all, you are contributing to a worthy cause for sure. The Skeptics for the Protection of Cancer Patients is a grassroots group devoted to the promotion of promising, ethical, and transparent cancer research. For more about this project and the group sponsoring it, visit or visit their Facebook page.

Dr. David Gorski has a new Science-Based Medicine post out today on Burzynski’s antineoplastons treatment.
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