Booms in Guthrie may be linked to Thursday quake

Residents may be surprised to know that earthquakes could be linked to these booming sounds.

Mysterious boom heard in Guthrie | – Oklahoma City News & Weather from KFOR Television, Oklahoma’s News Channel 4.

People living in Guthrie have been reporting a mysterious noise around town.

Those who have heard it say it’s an unnerving boom.

The descriptions are similar, but no one knows where it’s coming from.

It was heard twice Wednesday around 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

“It was very loud, very noticeable, and it shook the house just slightly,” said Swanson.

It’s clear there is something happening here. The likely source is shallow earthquakes. When earthquakes are small, too small to be caught be seismographs, they may be shallow enough to generate a sound. So, I looked up the real time earthquake list and, sure enough, this is a moderately active area for small quakes. While the people reported hearing the booms on Wednesday, an M3.7 quake occurred 8km SSW of Boley, Oklahoma on Thursday at 7:59 PM. The booms may have been shallow foreshocks for that. Another possibly could be seismic testing which occurs in oil and gas fields. Or sonic booms from space debris or aircraft.

Map of earthquake epicenter (star) and proximity to Guthrie.

Map of earthquake epicenter (star) and proximity to Guthrie.

Here is the news report for the Thursday quake.

Map of OK earthquakes [pdf]

Booming noises are very common. See the section here on “mystery booms” and lots of other booms from the news.