Australia is hell on earth these days

Wow, Australia is socked by nasty weather conditions this past week.

PHOTOS: Freakish dust storm causes ‘red wave’ on Australia’s west coast  – NY Daily News.

A hellish dust storm caused a “red wave” of sand off the coast of Western Australia on Wednesday.

Tugboat workers near the coastal town of Onslow snapped photos on their phones as they watched the towering dust storm pass over calm ocean waters.

Mother Nature started working at sunset. A thunderstorm with gusts of up to 75 mph picked up sand and dust as it swept over Onslow and toward the Indian Ocean. The dust storm, called a haboob by meteorologists, raged for an hour. After that, the water was calm.

Photo credit: Brett Martin/Perth Weather Live/AFP

Photo credit: Brett Martin/Perth Weather Live/AFP

That will leave you awestruck. These pictures are not a hoax. This dust storm preceded a cyclone that whipped up the winds.

Australia has been so hot this past week they had to add colors to the weather maps. They also faced massive bush fires.

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  1. January 13, 2013 at 3:03 PM

    That is truly terrifying! I hope everyone’s alright, downunder?!

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