Anticrepuscular rays span the sky

Really neat optical effect amazes onlookers.
forgetomori » Spectacular Anticrepuscular Ray in Brazil.

Forgetomori explains this anticrepuscular rays that span the entire sky and confuse us about where the sun actually IS. Many of us have seen crepuscular rays that converge on the sun. The “anti” part is indicative of the light showing opposite the sun.

This phenomenon is in short just sunlight. But it was captured here in very special conditions, at sunset near the summer solstice, in the video the sun starts behind the camera even though it seems to be right beyond the horizon at front. The puzzled cameraman says the Sun is opposite to where the column of light seems to come from.

Here is the video.

See the original link for more pictures and another video. Nature can be spectacular.

And check out this neat page describing atmospheric optics.

Wikipedia Commons Anticrepuscular rays

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