A joke? Black panther toy surprises observer

‘Cuddly toy’ sparks Peterborough panther speculation – Local – Peterborough Telegraph.

A large cuddly toy left on a grass bank triggered concerns that a black cat might have been on the loose in Peterborough.

Eagle-eyed reader Marc Peacock-Smith contacted the PT after spotting what looked like the outline of a black panther-like creatrure lying on a grass verge outside Thorpe Wood police station in Longthorpe.

He said: “I was driving along to drop my son off at nursery when I saw what looked like the biggest black cat or panther sat on a verge right outside the police station.

Photo taken by Mark Peacock-Smith

Photo taken by Mark Peacock-Smith

While this may seem funny, sightings of big cats in the U.K. is a common occurrence. The article notes: “There are hundreds, if not thousands of big cat sightings reported in Britain every year – some people are mistaken. Some are clearly not big cats but a large majority either are or go unexplained.”

And there is good evidence, even bodies, that show that cats DO exist here. How many and the extent of their habitation is unknown. But it’s an intriguing mystery.

This is not the first time something like this has happened. Last January, people spotted a tiger in Houston. It was a toy.

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  1. Bobbi Snow
    January 14, 2013 at 11:35 AM

    Obviously, someone was just playing a harmless joke. We had a Puma joke played on some Californians, a few months back. While these spoofs offer no threats, the fear they invoke can be unsettling. It wastes police and animal control resources, which are already underfunded.

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