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Leftover Links for 2 January 2013


Oh, man, some of these leftovers are from the holidays. But they are still good enough to eat. Enjoy! BBC News – Today – Are poltergeists an economic phenomenon?. Does Photographic Memory Exist?: Scientific American. Finding Noah’s Flood: A Misconception of Biblical Proportions | Religion Dispatches. Debunking the “World’s Largest Mushroom” Photo | wafflesatnoon.com. VIDEO:…

Churchdoor Jesus (or whatever you want to see)

I TOTALLY see a lion!

Every so often, several times a year, people see Jesus in woodgrain. Church members say face of Jesus appears on their door – FOX Carolina 21. One Upstate parish says Jesus is making his presence known, right inside their church walls. Some members said the face of Jesus appears on a door to their sanctuary.…

2012: A monstrously good year in review


After gathering all the best cryptozoology stories on the site for the year, on one evening, I consulted the experts – Blake Smith, Ben Radford and Karen Stollznow of Monster Talk – to talk about the year in strange creatures. Here are the best of the best stories in the crypto world this year. 1.…