Underwear to melt your fat away. HAHAHAHA…

An awesome example of a sciencey product that is complete nonsense.

Doctor says ‘fat-melting’ undies ‘pseudo science’ | News.com.au.

ADVERTISEMENTS for a popular brand of women’s underwear which claim to melt fat or “reshape your body” using infra-red energy are the subject of a complaint to the Therapeutic Products Advertising Complaints resolution panel.

Dr Ken Harvey, an adjunct associate professor of public health at La Trobe University has questioned some assertions in the underwear ads as “pseudo science” and “ludicrous”.

South Australian company Brazcomm Imports distributes Scala Shapewear undergarments and say the underwear contains “ActiveBioCrystals” that “emit Far Infra Red” energy rays.

The ads say the rays “kick-start what is known as the BioPromise effect”. One ad says this can reduce signs of cellulite and “melt fat away”.

Dr Harvey said he could not find scientific evidence on medical databases to substantiate terms used in the ad such as “BioPromise”, “Biocrystals” and “Far Infra Red Rays”.

“None of this stuff has ever been written about scientifically,” he said. “It’s clearly pseudoscience designed to give an extra sales gimmick.”

One of the ads in question.

One of the ads in question.

This one is great. Who could fall for this stuff? There is no such thing as the BioPromise. The only energy rays that would burn fat would pretty much kill you too (or at least destroy the skin on top as it literally melts away your fat. What an incredible pile of nonsense.

  2 comments for “Underwear to melt your fat away. HAHAHAHA…

  1. Peter Robinson
    December 18, 2012 at 7:57 AM

    You ask who would fall for this. Perhaps the usual suspects i.e. the desperate, the gullible and the stupid, or any combination of those. Of which, sadly, as we know only too well, there are a great many.

  2. D. Walker
    December 18, 2012 at 8:14 AM

    If people spent the time and energy walking a bit and exercising in the fresh air that they do sitting on their butts and worrying about how over-weight they are, and buying into this psuedo scientific clap-trap, very few people would have much of a problem with their weight. I eat just about anything I want, and weigh about the same that I did in High School, decades ago. The trick is to be really hungry when you eat, and to try to do something strenuous every day.

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