TV host that burned U.S. magician ordered arrested

Update to story from a few days ago on Wayne Houchin, a magician who was attacked on TV in the Dominican Republic.

Dominican judge orders arrest of TV host who set fire to hair of US magician – The Washington Post.

A judge on Tuesday ordered the arrest of a local television show host who set fire to the hair of a U.S. magician, burning his scalp, face and arm.

The judge announced the decision just hours after TV host Franklin Barazarte told The Associated Press in a phone interview from New York that the incident was an accident. He tossed flaming liquid on Wayne Houchin’s head as a “blessing” during a Nov. 26 taping of the show.

[…]Barazarte said. “It was a demonstration within a magical religious framework that turned out badly.”

Barazarte claims it was not intentional, that he had done this “blessing” before without incident. I’m very unclear still what went on here. Was Houchin informed this was going to take place? Did he know of the hazard? There are very hard feelings at play and Houchin is injured, he could have been even more severely injured. This is strange but a welcome update to this odd story.

Regardless… a blessing? This is the part I’m still hung up on.

The host (in black jacket) doused Wayne and set him on fire.

  4 comments for “TV host that burned U.S. magician ordered arrested

  1. Phil
    December 5, 2012 at 1:29 AM

    To be fair if he has done this stunt with fire before he could claim it was an accident. But somehow I doubt it.

  2. Brian
    December 5, 2012 at 6:04 AM

    If he has done this before- then there is footage to prove it. If there is footage, I am sure the judge has access to it (or has seen the show, being Dominican and all). This person’s professionalism I am SURE is being called into question- basically his motives. *Barazarte said. “It was a demonstration within a magical religious framework that turned out badly.”* What person, who is the host of a tv show, says things like that? Not only that- but the previous story *does* say: Magician Wayne Houchin, *accused of practicing voodoo*, set on fire on tv broadcast.

    people like him really grate my cheese.

  3. Warren
    December 11, 2012 at 1:25 PM

    Let’s not question Wayne’s side of the story which since day one has created a lot of speculations due to Wayne insinuating what the host did what he did was to set him on fire for practicing witchcraft. Why did Wayne leave out certain info? Such as, his wife and friend assisting Franklin Barazarte? That info only surfaced after some smart people asked the right questions.

    [Editors note: I have removed a significant amount of this comment because the commenter makes potentially libelous statements. If you frame these comments in a different way, I may allow them to be posted. Try again.]

    Accidents happen, but accidents still need to be accountable for, and we have no reasons to not believe Franklin Barazarte’s side of the story, and not believe him when he says he has been trying to get in touch with Wayne to settle with him.

    [Additional language edited out. – Ed.]

  4. December 11, 2012 at 1:57 PM

    As I said, feel free to post questions. I am interested in this because it didn’t make sense to me. But do not make accusations you can’t back up, including that we are supporting some sort of coverup. I have no such connections.

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