The “meh” ghosts of 2012

It was, frankly, a DISAPPOINTING year in good ghost stories. But we have a few. Hayley Stevens dug into some herself and provides the worst 5 on her blog.

The 5 Worst Ghosts of 2012 | Hayley Stevens.

Three of these also appeared here on DN.

Casper the friendly bug appears on video.

Shadowy photo called “baby ghost” in Cheltenham (UPDATE: Lame hoax).

Ghostly figure photographed in window of Cumbria guesthouse.

But we’d also add these examples as well:

Two from the NOT REAL Titanic: The Titanic Experience: Hauntingly silly and Haunted object? Or haunted person? Ghostly images of Titanic replica.

One throws things in a pizza kitchen. Haunted pizzeria in Louisiana

Someone’s been drinking in a darkened room Glastonbury pub ghost picture and U.K. pub “haunted” with very poor evidence of spooks.

Australia grocery store ghost. Grocery ghostie: Look out for falling fruit roll-ups.

I kid you not. Couched in nonsense – Haunted piece of furniture for sale.

Disgusting. Zak Bagans believes suicide victim’s ghost spoke to him; using it for record.

It’s the Myrtles, it HAS to be haunted. Nuh-uh.Every blob on camera is a ghost.

Paranormal tourism at play. Suddenly Haunted Mansion. Hmm, suspicious.

I actually liked this one. Ghost nun appears in Irish photograph.

And this has to be the worst… Holy Princess Diana’s Ghost! Meh.

  2 comments for “The “meh” ghosts of 2012

  1. Brian
    December 28, 2012 at 9:38 AM

    About the Titanic Experience (Internation Drive) ghosts… Lemme tell ya- that place is so “dead”, even ghosts would move down the street- or to the Haunted Mansion at Disney. When I and my g/f were job hunting, we stopped by to see about jobs- the guy at the front was bored, rude, and the place was just deserted. They’re probably drumming up business so they dont get tossed out…. One way to do it is having the cliche “ghost tour”, I am sure with a cast of 1 or so making noises, whispering, etc.

    It’d almost be worth it to go in there and drum up some of my own ghosts….*weg* “Look! Elvis!” “On the Titanic???”

  2. Brian
    December 28, 2012 at 10:14 AM

    …I should be ashamed of myself. I did a pic of Elvis on the Titanic staircase (or is it “scarecase” during the tours….?)

    And while this may bring a snicker, it also shows what can be done (minus those idiot apps for talentless idiots) with actual photo manipulation tools (like, say Photoshop CS6). While this about destroys my credibility for a real photo of something in this area- what the hell. I usually stand like a fool and dont take pics when there IS something going on unusual! This took me about 20 mins or so to do, BTW. I’m a little rusty.

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