The doubt-filled year in Sasquatchery 2012

Frame capture from the Patterson Gimlin film, to date, the most discussed piece of Bigfoot evidence.

Frame capture from the Patterson Gimlin film, to date, the most discussed piece of Bigfoot evidence.

It’s been a big year in Bigfootery. Let’s face it, DNA results or not, the mystery and mayhem of Sasquatch isn’t going away (but hopefully Finding Bigfoot will…)

Bigfoot Lunch Club has a month to month rundown of Bigfoot news in review. Here is the first half of the year and here is the second.

The insider scoop was dominated by the Ketchum project and the ongoing saga of “Is there a paper, where is it, when will it be published and what will it say?”

Well, Dr. Melba Ketchum, with the help of her rather unhelpful colleagues Igor and Robin Lynne, created an unplanned circus with the news that the paper does indeed exist and was not welcomed in the main science publication routes. So, it appears that the work may have emigrated to Russia. What we will get from this? We can’t tell yet. But, consistent with Bigfoot history and my nature, I’m not getting my hopes high. We wait to see what 2013 brings.

We’ve had a year full of really awful videos and pictures of the big guy, tons of speculation, ridiculous rumor mongering and too many promises.

It’s interesting that the news of Bigfoot is dominated by disappointment and what DOESN’T appear. I get quite a bit of bashing from both sides of the fence – the skeptics and believers – for following the topic at all. We had a little blowup at the website mid-year thanks to some rather off-putting Bigfoot commentators. So many people not only believe this could be the real deal but invest serious and considerable effort into finding it and “proving to the world”. That’s not my job so I won’t be out in the woods call blasting anytime soon. I’m just trying to make sense of the flow of info and advising what to be wary of. There is currently not sufficient evidence that anything mysterious is out there. But there has been PLENTY of evidence that the mystery was birthed and has grown in the fertile soil of our minds and culture. Real or not, the belief and the believer’s pursuit is endlessly interesting.

Here is some of the BIG Bigfoot stories on DN this year:

Court says you can run around in Bigfoot suit in New Hampshire.

Worst. Bigfoot. Ever.


Dr. Melba Ketchum says Bigfoot DNA results will be “beautiful”.

New Bigfoot trackway discovered in Oregon (Updated).

Bigfoot trailcam photo released; shows back of head and shoulders. (This was from a movie critter.)

Credit: American Bigfoot Society

Credit: American Bigfoot Society

Keep squatching. More ‘Finding Bigfoot’ on the way. (The ratings are still good for this program but I don’t think people watch it for the “science”, maybe for the comedy.)

The case of the acrobatic bear (or juvenile Sasquatch). (Monster Talk does a fantastic expose on the Pennsylvania Jacobs photo)

I blame Finding Bigfoot for this recklessness (Removed). (Here is where Doubtful News just gave up on the ridiculousness of Bigfoot stories, at least for a while.)

DNA study of Bigfoot launched by Oxford University.

Idaho blobsquatch video makes the media rounds.

Trailcam photo from Alberta: What is the brown furry thing?. (This one was pretty funny.)


Not a lounging Bigfoot.

Seriously? This Ohio Bigfoot video up as news?.

The danger of pretending to be Bigfoot: You can get hit by a car. And die. (A shocking story of a man killed in Montana trying to spark reports of a Bigfoot sighting.)

The Falcon Project: A high-tech research investigation to track Bigfoot. (Searching for Bigfoot with a blimp.)

Bigfoot the hooligan! (Reports of an attack of Bigfoot on a Pennsylvania Winnebago.)

Finding Bigfoot just got REALLY serious! (UPDATED: Prize money) (10 million dollars up for grabs. Not really.)

Russians claim Yeti hair identified: Doubt abounds (Update: 200 Ninja yetis)

Viral blobsquatch (There were a lot of these this year. None were worth anything of value.)


And then it all hits the fan in November…

Melba Ketchum announces Bigfoot DNA results. Without the data.

The continuing saga of Sasquatch DNA

Bigfoot DNA results will be accompanied by video footage of creatures

DNA expert’s view of the Ketchum Bigfoot DNA claim

Where IS the Ketchum Bigfoot DNA study? Reviewed, rejected, or Russia?


Where do we go in 2013? Can it get any weirder? Stay tuned as the Sasquatchery continues…

  7 comments for “The doubt-filled year in Sasquatchery 2012

  1. Bobbi Snow
    December 26, 2012 at 3:11 PM

    We must never forget that although the Giant Panda had been talked about for centuries, it was not proved to exist until the 1930s. I don’t doubt that BigFoot or Sasquatch exists; I’d just hate for someone to have to wound or kill one of them, for us to prove to ourselves that they have been amongst us for as long as the Giant Panda.

  2. December 26, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    It’s not the same. That was over a century ago in a place that was not open to investigation. Bigfooters report the animals in their backyard and all over North America. With all the technology and capabilities and reports we have today, there is simply no excuse for the lack of good evidence.

  3. spookyparadigm
    December 26, 2012 at 4:45 PM

    Following through to the BLC blog, this just made my day, though not in an “awesome” but a “this will provide me with material” way

  4. Chew
    December 26, 2012 at 8:19 PM

    The Chinese have known about the panda for millennia. It wasn’t until the 19th century when Westerners learned about them.

  5. December 27, 2012 at 2:48 AM

    The Giant Panda was proven to exist long before the 30’s. It’s important to note that as rare as the Giant Panda is, when they look for it, they find it. When have they ever done that with the imaginary Bigfoot?

  6. Kathy
    December 27, 2012 at 2:37 PM

    I hope Doubtful News will not drop the Bigfoot topic. It is my favorite “woo woo” subject. I moved on from my childhood days reading about UFOs and ghosts and such, but I still have my copy of Dahinden’s paperback “Sasquatch”. Spine cracked, pages yellowing, and 8 PAGES OF ASTONISHING PHOTOS. (I’m not that old – it was a cheaply made book.)


  7. December 27, 2012 at 2:39 PM

    Oh Kathy, we are of like mind. It’s one of my favorite topics too and I probably couldn’t drop if even though I tried. 🙂

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