South Dakota lawmaker talks of expanding vaccine exemption

Lawmaker: Let parents opt out of vaccines for their kids | The Argus Leader |

South Dakota law has a religious exemption for vaccinations, but it requires opposition to vaccines to be part of a religion’s doctrine.

Incoming state Sen. Jeff Monroe, R-Pierre, plans to introduce a bill letting any “sincere, verifiable religious belief” count for the vaccine exemption.

“As the law is right now, the Lutheran denomination does not have as part of its doctrine that it’s opposed to vaccination. Well, of course not. It was established (almost 500) years ago,” Monroe said. “I want the law to function so if someone doesn’t like it, and that’s the reason, they can (opt out).”

Obviously, the bill will face stiff opposition from the state’s medical community. There is simply NO good excuse to opt out of vaccines except under certain medical conditions. To make it easier to just decide not to for any reason is irresponsible to the rest of the children of the state. Monroe says the bill is about “freedom”. Bull! This is about a serious public health measure, not religion. Boo on you, Sen. Monroe for pushing such an agenda that can cause widespread harm. Get with the program! He’s expects to face a tough fight (because it’s an all-around bad idea, get the hint).

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  1. Bobbi Snow
    December 31, 2012 at 5:30 PM

    I was raised in a faith like this. I never had a vaccination in my life until I was 60 and took the flu vaccine. I was sick from it for ten days, and have never taken another one. I didn’t have the flu; I had a rare but serious reaction to the vaccine.

  2. December 31, 2012 at 5:33 PM

    Lots of people have a similar reaction to the flu vaccine or think it’s related. But that is one vaccine, one time. If everyone followed this pattern millions, billions, would be dead from preventable diseases.

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