Report: Psychics FAILED miserably with their 2012 predictions

Stuart Robbins has done a fine job of tracking psychic predictions from 2012 and checking them for accuracy. He produced an impressive report on the hits and misses of public pronouncements by psychics. But you already know what it’s going to say….

2012 Psychic Predictions Roundup: Laypeople and Professionals Both Continue to Fail « Exposing PseudoAstronomy.

Continuing a tradition that I started in 2010 and continued in 2011, I am posting a “psychic roundup” to celebrate the end of one Julian calendar year and bring in the next. In previous years, I have focused on Coast to Coast AM audience and professional predictions, and my conclusion has been, in one word: Bad. Average around 6% correct.

Stuart writes in the report:

[I]n early 2012, I scoured the internet and asked around for alleged psychics, numerologists, astrologers, tarot readers, mediums, futurists, and any other claimants who forecast something for 2012. I have recorded their predictions below and scored them.

He tells Doubtful News:

“I recorded and scored “psychic” predictions from 23 professionals and over 100 laypersons for the 2012 calendar year. On average, I found that the pros did no better than the average person, despite some of them charging hundreds of dollars for their services. The only major difference was that the pros were 3-5 times more likely to be so vague with their prediction that it could be retrodicted as correct later on, but it was utterly useless when made. In the end, this was a labor of humor (some of the predictions are pretty funny) and public awareness: These claimed “psychics” bilk people out of hundreds of millions of dollars ever year, and yet in the end, they are no better prognosticators than the average person on the street.”

The report includes a run down of the statistics of the scoring, the general problems with psychic predictions, a section for each claimant and, my favorite part, what VERY IMPORTANT EVENTS they all missed. There is also an analysis of their presidential predictions. It’s all here – solid and sound. And, they FAIL. No doubt about that.

Download the entire report here [PDF]