One of “world’s most accurate psychics” Irene Hughes dies

Psychic Irene Hughes dead at age 92.

Irene Hughes, who went from being a Chicago Heights housewife to one of the world’s most acclaimed psychics, died early Friday morning. She was 92.

Hughes began to gain national and international attention for her uncanny predictions after she became a favorite television guest on Merv Griffin’s talk show. Soon, her abilities to predict future events garnered her waiting-list clients, including actress Eva Gabor and eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes.

Irene Hughes told The Times in 2010 she had correctly predicted to Howard Hughes his 1976 death.

Her most famous predictions made headlines around the world, including her foretelling of “the Blizzard of 1967” and the deaths of both President John F. Kennedy and his brother Robert Kennedy.

Irene was popular for her “predictions for the new year.” At one point, she was called The World’s Most Accurate Psychic. Her crime solving ability was also touted, saying she assisted law enforcement with her “psychic abilities” in more than 2,000 murder investigations. TV personality Regis Philbin also promoted her.

The problem is, this is all her word. And, as psychic do, her predictions were vague and often wrong. She didn’t impress Roger Ebert too much back in 1967.

This from 2009:

PRNewswire — Tomorrow’s headlines from famous Chicago Psychic and Astrologer Irene Hughes – from her new book, “Memoirs of a Psychic and Astrologer”:
– The stock market will crash
– Rebellions and violence will take to the streets
– Terrorist attacks will hit the United States
– A natural disaster will disrupt communications
– Obama will be a one-term president

Vague, too easy or wrong. She may have been called the most accurate psychic but that’s either a VERY low bar or has no meaning. While it’s not cool to speak ill of the dead, I’m speaking ill of psychic power. It’s just not there.

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  1. December 11, 2012 at 1:25 PM

    Thank you for this. I have a very clear memory being a very scared nine year old kid waiting for that cataclysmic earthquake in California. That was one prediction Ebert mentioned that did not come true.

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