Leftover Links for December 4 2012

Just a few leftovers after a slow news day today…

You can watch this, I already know what happens.
Chasing ghosts: Paranormal stakeout

The media and public does not understand the difference
What is and isn’t a scientific debate

Phil Plait responds to the Congressional hearing on autism/vaccines
Congress hearing on vaccines is a farce of dangerous antivax nonsense..

A short piece on using herbal remedies during pregnancy. Ginger works, nothing else really does.
Really? Some Herbal Remedies Can Be Useful During Pregnancy – NYTimes.com.

Cool electron microscope photos
Bizarre Insectlike Creatures Discovered in Spanish Cave | LiveScience.

Coffin Therapy Helps Ukrainians Get Used to the Afterlife | Oddity Central – Collecting Oddities.