Leftover links for 20 December 2012

I can’t wait to just be back to leftovers after all this doomsdate stuff. Maya eyes are going loopy…

More on IQ tests.
Should We Celebrate That IQ Tests Show Women Are Smarter? | Women on GOOD.

Someone’s thinking is distorted, alright….
Alabama Chief Justice-Elect Roy Moore: ‘Evolution Has So Distorted Our Way of Thinking’.

I hate that people will do this. Beware.
Amid Newtown Tragedy, Scam Artists Creep In – DailyFinance.

Cool stuff.
The 10 Weirdest Animal Discoveries of 2012 – Yahoo! News 

THIS is so interesting and lovely. Make sure to watch the video.
Incredible Shots of the Exotic Peacock Spider – My Modern Metropolis.

This was just funny. They have to invent scientists? Yes.
Intelligent design think tank’s “institute” is a Shutterstock image | Ars Technica.

Ever wonder what it’s like when a TV type talks to a skeptic?
A Skeptic’s Brief Conversation With a TV Producer | Center for Inquiry.

From the U.K., popular science commentary. Amazing.
Brian Cox and Robin Ince: Politicians must not elevate mere opinion over science.

Yes, voodoo and a disturbed kid.
Harlem man claims relatives’ voodoo spells made him beat grandmother to death with artificial elephant tusk



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