Happy unapocalypse!

…and I feel fine.

I’m very glad to report that no supernatural or man-made disaster befell us today. You never know about those who take “prophecies” into their own hands.

Actually, the REAL interpretation was that this was not doomsday but a spiritual rebirth. Sadly, I’m not feeling that. Maybe tomorrow. Or maybe there was a rain date of Dec 23. Eh, I’m not worried.

Here are few choice cuts about what happened and DIDN’T happen today.

Looks like it was the pipes of pan and journalists at the upside down mountain safe zone. The UFOs did not show.
Doomsday report: Apocalypse prophet appeases Bugarach invaders

And just for fun…Oooh, Ramtha!
Colombian cult with U.S. ties prepares for ‘end of the world’

Maybe the Jello pudding appeased them!
JELL-O Offers Pudding Sacrifice in Hopes to Stop Mayan Doomsday [VIDEO] | Foodbeast.

A thank you from one of the best web sites.

And enjoy this ditty from the Jib Jab folks. It’s cute.

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  1. Alex
    December 24, 2012 at 12:39 PM

    And I was so looking forward to the zombie one, oh well maybe next year 🙂

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