Ghost mom doesn’t want daughter to get new job?

The ghost excuse. Yep, that always works. What would a ghost need with a resume and clothes?

Ghost stole $5,000 resume, says Barrow County woman |

The 40-year-old Winder woman reported stolen her resume, criminal history and a blouse sometime during the past two weeks, according to a Barrow County sheriff’s report.

When the deputy asked the woman if she knew anyone who might take the items, she said a ghost or spirt because the ghost of her mother often visits. However, she told the deputy she also occasionally sees a black spirit roaming near her home.

I guess the takeaway from this story is that there actually are people who believe so strongly in the supernatural world that they will attribute even mundane activities to them without thinking it sounds very odd. Oh, it’s just the ghost fooling around. It’s not much different than when bad things happening were attributed to witches or devils but it really fails Occam’s razor test. You truly don’t have to invent an entity as a cause when a mundane explanation will do.

I’m not even going to ASK why a resume would be worth $5000. That is even more confusing.

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  1. December 29, 2012 at 3:22 PM

    and THIS is why Joe Nickell says he meets the most interesting people with his job.

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