False hope she survived: Rivera’s family swayed by psychic (UPDATE: Psychic WRONG!)

What’s the harm from psychics? This is completely disgusting.

Long Beach Post – Kidnapping, Psychics and Rumors: Family and Fans of Jenni Rivera Believe She Is Still Alive.

Though her death was confirmed by both American and Mexican authorities who found no survivors in the wreckage of the plane she was travelling in when it crashed early Sunday morning, the family of Long Beach-raised singer Jenni Rivera are holding onto hope that the 43 year-old Diva de la Banda is still alive.

Speaking in front of the Rivera family home in Lakewood Monday, Jenni’s brother Juan said he continued to believe she was still alive, at least until he had confirmation that her body had been recovered.

“My Mama is alive,” 11 year-old Johnny Lopez Rivera tweeted Monday morning. “I lost hope but I got it back. She is not dead.”

The trending hashtag “#savejenni” was first used by Johnny after he discovered a psychic named Gilbert Salas had posted on Facebook that he “knows” that Jenni and her makeup artist, Jacob Yebale—who was traveling with her on the plane—were both badly injured but still alive.

Salas says:

“Yes it is correct that Jenni Rivera is still alive, I believe Jenni and her makeup artists survived, they are located 12 miles west from where they believe the wreckage occurred. It is located behind the mountain on theunderbelly [sic] side near a canyon. It is not visible from an aerial view because it is in a covered area. She is near a stream and she is able to hear the search teams fly overhead that’s how close they are to her.”

The plane crash was devastating. No one survived. But rumors are they the family has sent out helicopters to look for Jenni in response to this false hope. It’s such a tragic story, you can’t help but feel awful for her family and fans but this is not helping. Unfounded tales that she survived or was kidnapped by a drug cartel are completely baseless.

It’s time to face a sad truth. Psychics be damned.

Update: And here it is. Remains have been found. As a commentator remarked, if there is a hell, there is a special circle for psychics who pull this crap.

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  1. Barbara Snowberger
    December 13, 2012 at 12:28 PM

    A plane, nose-diving at 600 mph and crashing into the earth would have survivors?! Not unless a UFO zapped people out of it in a cone of light! Psychics who give grieving people a false sense of hope have no conscience. This makes the gifted mediums and psychics a terrible burden to overcome – as if they don’t already have the churches and other naysayers to contend with. Obviously these people are nothing more than con men & women who hope to get attention for 15 minutes, while watching with great glee as the false hope spurs their victims to spend thousands of dollars to follow leads that go nowhere.

  2. December 13, 2012 at 1:23 PM

    Just a question for Barbara Snowberger: how do you tell a “gifted medium” from someone who is a fraud? What is the mark of the “for real” medium and psychics. And let me remind you that not a single person has been able to demonstrate any such paranormal abilities under supervised test conditions.

  3. drwfishesman
    December 13, 2012 at 1:55 PM

    I clicked the link at the top of this article and read this “psychic mediums” assinine facebook post at the bottom. What a publicity-grabbing creep this guy Salas is.

  4. HUH?
    January 1, 2013 at 12:16 PM

    “And let me remind you that not a single person has been able to demonstrate any such paranormal abilities under supervised test conditions.”

    That is not true. Maybe you should do some more research.

  5. January 1, 2013 at 12:24 PM

    You will have to supply references. There are many suspected examples but there are also counters to them, so they are not solid.

  6. January 4, 2013 at 4:08 PM

    Please do guide me to research demonstrating I am wrong. When I say this I refer to something that respects the scientific method (you can google it, to see what this entails), with a large enough sample of participants, published in a respectable peer-reviewed journal. Thank you very much!
    Also do keep in mind that there is a 1 million dollar prize still up for grabs for anyone that can demonstrate paranormal abilities under test conditions (thanks to the wonderful James Randi). Some “real” medium should go get that just to prove us “naysayers” wrong.

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