Countdown: 8 days until the un-apocalypse

It’s getting closer. Time to send best wishes to those distant relatives for the last time.

Nonsense debunking nonsense. Does it cancel out or produce a null set?
Santa Cruz psychic debunks Mayan doomsday predictions

Another one of those “safe” places?
Rumors of an alien-built pyramid in the mountain have apparently driven doomsday-fearers to seek out the mountain in hopes of protection.
Serbian ‘doomsday’ mountain braces for end of the world tourists

Oh dear, people are connecting UFO sightings with the end.
UFOs Seen Over San Francisco, Brooklyn |

This “three days of darkness hooey has gone too far.
Mayan Apocalypse December 2012: Candles, Matches Sell Out As Rumors of 3 Days of Darkness Spread in China


Don’t be scammed: 2012 Hoax

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  1. D. Walker
    December 13, 2012 at 6:40 AM

    Merry Crispix !! Are you ever NOT at a keyboard ?? Do you sleep in front of your computer ??

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