Big cat reports in Scotland down for 2012

Investigators fear Big Cats could be dying out in Scotland – Daily Record.

BIG cat investigators fear the elusive creatures could be dying out in Scotland after sightings plummeted to their lowest in 25 years.

Around 70 reports have been made to Big Cats in Britain’s Scots-based team this year – almost half the number in 2011.

Mark Fraser, of Big Cats in Britain, said he was puzzled as to why the number of incidents – which are based on visual sightings, paw prints, sounds and evidence of devoured animal carcasses – had dropped.

But he said: “Unless they are breeding, they are going to die out. We do get evidence of cubs but there is nothing so far to back this up.

Fraser speculates that one of the cats that causes the sightings has died. Well, could be. Sadly, the picture that accompanies this article does not look unusual other than being a large house cat. There is good evidence that some large cats do exist in the U.K.

British Big cats: how good or bad is the evidence?

Black leopard

Black leopard