Archie Roy, professor and psychical researcher, dies

Professor who probed the paranormal dies aged 88 | Herald Scotland.

Professor Archie Roy, the astronomer who dedicated much of his career to investigating the paranormal and life after death, has died aged 88.

The Professor Emeritus of Astronomy at the University of Glasgow was a a consultant to Nasa as it prepared to send a man to the Moon in the 1960s.

However, he was more famous for his lifelong interest in the paranormal. He founded The Scottish Society for Psychical Research in 1987 and wrote many scientific papers and books on the subject.

A fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, the Royal Astronomical Society, and the British Interplanetary Society, Professor Roy was convinced man would get to the moon by 1971. In 1964, he placed an £11 bet. He later collected £1200 when Americans successfully landed.

But he spent much time on the paranormal writing more than 20 books of novels and nonfiction and did much toward popularizing interest in psychical research and psi phenomena through media appearances and consulting. His son Ian is quoted:

“He was a scientist so his interest in the paranormal was as a scientist,” said Ian. “It wasn’t a mystical or quasi- religious interest; he was trying to prove scientific concepts. He didn’t see boundaries where other people saw them. For him, scientifically, nothing was off-limits.”

He inspired many.

Professor Archie Roy

Professor Archie Roy

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    I was under the impression he was pretty deep into the woo.

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