Anti-vaccination network in Australia ordered to stop misleading public

Impressive news against an anti-vaccination hazard in Australia.

Minister orders anti-vaccination group to change its name |

A CONTROVERSIAL anti-vaccination lobby group has been slapped with an order to change its misleading name or be shut down.

The NSW Office of Fair Trading doorstopped the home of Australian Vaccination Network president Meryl Dorey yesterday with a letter of action, labelling the network’s name misleading and a detriment to the community.

NSW Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts fired a broadside at the AVN, saying the information it provided was a public safety issue of “life and death”.

NSW Fair Trading Assistant Commissioner for Compliance and Enforcement Robert Vellar says the AVN’s name had misled parents seeking information.

“People are being confused about the true nature of the information they are being provided on the AVN website, the name is misleading,” he said.

Well! Color me impressed. There is NO doubt that the AVN (Australia Vaccination Network) and their head, (Oh, that) Meryl Dorey, was disingenuous about advocating for vaccine information and choice when they were CLEARLY against vaccines. The path of the AVN has been up and down but, generally, AVN credibility has tanked over the past year as the media realized what a disservice they did to parents providing a false fear about vaccines being harmful. Children have died. Vaccines are one of the most successful health measures humans ever invented, eradicating and preventing diseases that would have killed millions.

This is tremendous news. I do hope that the wave of anti-anti-vax spreads to the US where we have our own version of “pro-choice vaccination” propagandists – the National Vaccine Information Center.

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  1. December 14, 2012 at 9:03 AM

    Hot damn!

  2. Adam
    December 14, 2012 at 11:47 AM

    I just hope they are held to be criminally liable if it transpires that any child is found to be severely injured or killed because his / her parents followed advice offered by the AVN.

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