Xocai update: They are gone

An update on our previous story on the Xocai chocolate company.

Oops, I broke Xocai…*

Two months ago it was concluded that the recruitment of Norwegian Xocai distributors had plummeted by 80%, from about 75 new Norwegain per week to about 15. The effect of the massive media attention this summer therefore had a tremendous impact on the further spread of the concept and it looks like this trend also spread internationally.


Since 2008 the recruitment pace has been reduced by 2/3 on a global scale and the last week has been an historical low for the company with only 220 new distrubutors enlisted.

Sjokoservice Norway’s spokesperson Roger Meyer, the man behind the serious threats against the anonymous blogger that started the criticism of Xocai and myself had their websites on the domain Sjokolade4you.no but these websites are now gone. The same goes for the website to Sjokoservice Norway.

Good news not just for skeptics but consumers of chocolate everywhere. This is the Streisand Effect is full motion. They tried hard to silence criticism and not draw attention to it but got so much attention for their despicable behavior that Xocai is pretty much dead in Norway and people all over the world has become very skeptical of their methods and product.

The full backstory of this incident, can be read here.

*Link is in Norwegian

Tip: Gunnar Tjomlid