Was a self-proclaimed psychic and criminal part of murder plot?

Torture, rare coins, psychic readings key elements in brutal slaying.

Prosecutors said a woman is behind a case that includes torture, psychic readings, rare coins and ultimately the slaying of a 70-year-old Seattle man.

Brenda Nicholas has a long criminal history including 50 counts of first-degree theft. Nicholas is accused of taking more than $1 million from an 85-year-old woman.

But now she is also charged with first-degree murder in the slaying of 70-year-old Francis Fleming.

Police said Charles Jungbluth, 51, and Gilda Ramirez, 49, tortured Fleming in his apartment, stabbed him, slit his throat and stole his valuable collection of coins. They are also charged in the case. But prosecutors said Nicholas was the brains behind the plan that led to the victim’s death.

Charging documents said Nicholas befriended a woman who used to live there, and through that woman, met Fleming and became aware of his rare coin collection. Prosecutors said it was that coin collection that led to Fleming’s slaying.

It’s not clear how the “psychic” aspect was used in this crime. Was it another one of those “curse” cases we’ve heard about so much this year. In those cases, the psychic scams the victim for valuables while promising to fix the bad luck. No details are given here.


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