Viral blobsquatch

I’ll be brief…I have no idea why this is getting any press. It’s a blobsquatch. There is nothing to see.

Alleged Big Foot Sighting in Utah Goes Viral – ABC News.

A couple of campers got the scare of their lives the day before Halloween after they spotted what they claim was the infamous Bigfoot.

The original video has garnered more than 4.3 million YouTube hits and has sparked debate amongst Bigfoot enthusiasts about whether or not the furry beast is actually seen in the video.

For self-proclaimed “Bigfoot Hunter” Tom Biscardi, this sighting seems “to be the real deal.”

And then I lost it laughing…

THERE IS NOTHING THAT BISCARDI DOESN’T CALL “THE REAL DEAL”. Remember the Bigfoot in a freezer? It was “the real deal”. Biscardi is a JOKE and completely unrespected by Bigfooters. Why did ABC interview him?

Next, they talk to Meldrum who is a level voice of reason.

But Jeffery Meldrum, an associate professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University, said there “is very little to go on,” to determine whether or not an actual sighting of Bigfoot took place.

“All we really have contextually is the account of the events by the eye witnesses. I can relate to the emotions of the situation but it would be nice if they held their ground and waited just a little bit longer to capture more of the creature,” Meldrum said. “When it moves, it is really difficult to interpret. The glimpse is slippery. It is hard to discern.”

Then, this

Biscardi said he hopes to get in touch with Card to go to the Utah site and investigate further.

“If anyone is going to get these creatures, it is us,” he said.



Shakes head.
Walks away.

Unexplained blobjects

Want to shed the pseudoscientific label? Try harder.

Classic blobsquatch. Yeah, I can’t see it either.

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  1. November 8, 2012 at 11:59 PM

    I have to stop reading posts about Bigfoot. No more Bigfoot.
    I have made an appointment with a good mental health professional.
    I have also bought Bigfoot traps.

  2. LobsterTrouble
    November 9, 2012 at 9:10 AM

    I agree that there is nothing to see here. In fact, I am feeling less and less motivated to comment on Bigfoot “news” because it has gotten just plain silly. There was a time when I thought the evidence looked good; I chuckled at skeptics, certain that the problem was they were unwilling to really look at the evidence… That is until I started finding discrepancies on my own. Before long,I understood that I was not thinking soundly and the entire affair was something of a turning point for which I remain grateful.
    The truth is that there is nothing of value to be seen in this footage. The thing is that Bigfootery has its own logic and a firm commitment to dismissing any evidence that does not support their case. Reading Meldrum’s book, one might come away convinced there is something to it all. One good look at the entire phenomenon and the proposition becomes…doubtful!

  3. November 9, 2012 at 12:06 PM

    This has been my philosophy for a year now. But these stories keep popping up in the media. I wouldn’t cover them because they are useless and silly but THEY do and I feel obliged to put them here and point out the problems. I suppose we have to remember that the audience is the PUBLIC, not those of us who have seen a hundred bad photos and lame videos. They may be seeing this phenomenon for the first time in the media. And may think there is something to it. They are unaware of the long history of blobsquatchery.

    I followed a similar path. I was a Bigfoot believer until I started to read more of the skeptical literature (which was rare at the time) and realized how AWFUL the existing evidence truly was.

    I also read Meldrum’s book and completely agree with your assessment. It’s VERY difficult for someone to make heads or tales out of the Bigfoot stuff if they don’t know how science and discovery really works. If they think any Joe (or Tom) can go out and find one of these things when people have failed for over 50 years of trying, they are missing important information.

  4. Massachusetts
    November 9, 2012 at 3:16 PM

    I think it’s an interesting phenomenon and its worth discussing here. Clearly something’s going on. Assuming it’s not actually a creature, the psychology and the active process of folklore creation that’s happening real-time is rather interesting and worthy of note. And people do believe these stories, so it seems logical that this blog, dedicated to challenging such beliefs based on evidentiary reasons, should publish, critique and if possible refute these claims. Assuming there are logical fallacies practiced by Bigfoot believers, and the journalists who follow their exploits, this would be an excellent place to address those concerns.

    And yes, Meldrum’s book is an interesting case. I’d like to see more regarding critiques of his work. Basically the prevailing opinion seems to be that he trusted the wrong people. That may be true though somehow that’s unsatisfying. Maybe if they get this blimp project off the ground, literally, and it doesn’t pan out for them, the more reputable cryptozoologists will reconsider their positions. In the unlikely case that they do find something of note, that would be a fascinating and welcome event to consider.

  5. Massachusetts
    November 9, 2012 at 3:24 PM

    Very well said. I didn’t know you are a recovering Bigfoot Believer! 🙂 That’s interesting. Regarding the last sentence or too, that’s EXACTLY what Bigfooters believe I’d say: ordinary folks frequently run into these critters, but it’s hard to collect the evidence because the encounters are so random. Sounds reasonable though maybe not when you realize that no other terrestrial animal known to science fits that bill, no matter how rare.

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