Vampire concerns reported in Serbia

I’ve seen this one over the past week circulating on the Daily Mail and other tabloids which we normally don’t address here at Doubtful News (because EVERYTHING in the Daily Mail and The Sun ought to be assumed to be doubtful). But since it finally made it to mainstream news, it’s worth addressing. This piece also has some better sourced information.

Vampire Threat Terrorizes Serbian Village

For the people in a tiny Serbian village there is nothing sexy or romantic about a vampire. In fact, they are terrified that one of the most feared vampires of the area has been roused back to life.

Rather than ‘Twilight’s’ Edward, the people of Zorazje fear that Sava Savanovic is lurking in their forested mountains of western Serbia.

They believe that he is on the move because the home he occupied for so long, a former water mill, recently collapsed. Savanovic is believed to be looking for a new home.

“People are very worried. Everybody knows the legend of this vampire and the thought that he is now homeless and looking for somewhere else and possibly other victims is terrifying people,” Miodrag Vujetic, local municipal assembly member, told ABC News. “We are all frightened.”

Vujetic said villagers “are all taking precautions by having holy crosses and icons placed above the entrance to the house, rubbing our hands with garlic, and having a hawthorn stake or thorn.”

If the “panic” as described in these pieces are true, and people are frightened, local folklore is still strong in this place. As noted, “Traditions die slowly in this part of the world.”  From reading the piece, it appears that it was just a very creepy old place, associated with a person who obtained a mythical reputation that is too darn interesting to fade away. The best line of the whole piece, “In local folklore, vampires are not potential boyfriends…”

Documented reports of vampires occur in this area in modern times. Strange but apparently true.


Vampire of folklore Sava Savanovic and the mill house where they say he lived.


  3 comments for “Vampire concerns reported in Serbia

  1. spookyparadigm
    November 29, 2012 at 1:00 PM

    I just this morning was lecturing about Serbian vampire fears, and how they historically morphed into the western fantasy of the vampire. Nice timing.

  2. EvilTwinSelf
    November 29, 2012 at 3:46 PM

    I don’t know about ABC, but with the Daily Mail, any “Panic”, “Fears”, “Anger” etc. often exist only in the mind of the journalist wanting to make their article seem more exciting. Actually, I cannot find any ‘panic’ in this article, but there are some quotes from locals claiming to be frightened, and claiming others are terrified.

  3. Nos482
    November 29, 2012 at 7:34 PM

    At least Savanovic doesn’t sparkle…

    If being rational doesn’t work for those people, maybe they should try headology instead and simply build their vampire a new house.

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