The world’s newest and most lovely geoglyph

Northumberlandia is the largest human form on Earth – a quarter-mile long and 100 feet of vertical relief. The sculpture is located near Newcastle, England.

Northumberlandia, the Lady of the North: A supine land goddess makes her debut – The Washington Post.

At first, the visage appears androgynous in its skyward gaze, but then you notice the rest of the figure stretching a quarter of a mile to your right — the breasts, the hips, a delicate hand open and pointing, outlined by slivers of pond water.

Meet the supine earth goddess named, variously, Northumberlandia, the Lady of the North or, to the locals in this coal-mining area, the Lady.

And yet as Northumberlandia was in the planning or building stages, it was assailed for various reasons, not least by a tabloid press mesmerized by its nearly 100-foot breasts. At one hearing, local evangelicals said it was promoting paganism over Christianity.

“They were worried about it being a pagan love god that would inspire the locals to make love on her,” said Charles Jencks, the creator of the landform. “She’s not a pagan god, and people aren’t going to lose their moral compass if they walk all over her,” he said.

People need to get over their hangups with art and the human body. This is an incredibly neat thing, comparable to the Nazca lines, it is the world’s newest geoglyph. A curious note, it is adjacent to a coal mine. They don’t show that part. But that is quite an interesting way to enhance the land. It seems to be a quite popular feature. In a thousand years, I wonder if society will still know why it was made and perhaps assume some more romantic origin.

See a gallery of pictures at the above link.

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  1. November 23, 2012 at 6:06 PM

    “Meanwhile, evangelicals had nothing of value to add to the story.”

  2. November 24, 2012 at 3:00 PM

    It’s an interesting sculpture — I appreciate the difficulty to make it, in any case (though the face, to me, looks a bit… scary). Anyone who is inspired to ‘unhealthy thoughts’ by it, would probably be inspired to unhealthy thoughts by a tree (well, maybe an exceptionally sexy-looking tree). The typical renaissance semi-religious picture of a female, even fully dressed, would be FAR more ‘inspiring’ of ‘unholy’ thoughts, at least to me. Then again, I’m not an evangelical. Who knows what they think is sexy?

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