Smart meter opponents lose case in British Columbia

B.C. smart meter opponents lose appeal court bid to overturn utilities commission.

A bid by smart meter opponents to overturn an unfavorable ruling by the British Columbia Utilities Commission was rejected Tuesday by the B.C. Court of Appeal.

The group, Citizens for Safe Technology Society, had alleged that BC Hydro had overstepped its authority when it began installing the meters last year – arguing that Hydro had no mandate to install wireless technology.

[…]Appeal Court Justice Edward Chiasson ruled that their arguments were not persuasive and dismissed their application for leave to appeal the BCUC’s decision.

A preliminary decision had ruled that the complaint by the Citizens for Safe Technology Society was “overly broad” in its allegations that smart meter installations were harmful to an array of Hydro customers who believe they suffer adverse health effects from exposure to the wireless digital meters. They were then given 30 days to come up with something with regards to EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitivity). Apparently, they didn’t manage to come up with anything.

“This is a recognized disability,” Noble [of Citizens…] said. “Other tribunals and commissions have recognized it. So it’s only matter I think of defining who belongs in this class, what the symptoms are, how you diagnose it.”

She said there are “a few” doctors in B.C. who have diagnosed it in their patients.

“We just have to make sure that there are enough doctors and they have the proper tools that the [tribunal] will recognize it.”

Perry Kendall, B.C.’s medical health officer, said there does not appear to be “any objective evidence” to support the idea that very low levels of microwave radiation are harmful.

He said some individuals are more aware of electricity or electromagnetic radiation, just as some people have better hearing than others.

“But that isn’t necessarily linked in any way to symptoms,” Kendall said.

It may be recognized as a disability but not necessarily for the cause Noble cites. She is exaggerating “recognized”. There remains no merit to these claims of health effects.

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  1. November 14, 2012 at 10:26 PM

    I think electrosensitivity is another one of these desperation diagnoses. The symptoms are consistent with chronic stress or depression, but people don’t like that diagnosis so they search for something else to blame. As for Wi-Fi being harmful I am so sure based on the decades of evidence it is safe, I would be willing to sleep with a WiFi router in my pillow…

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