Rumors of antievolution legislation in Indiana

The National Center for Science Education has this news:

Antievolution legislation on the horizon in Indiana | NCSE.

Efforts to undermine the teaching of evolution are likely to be revived in the Indiana legislature, according to a columnist for the Lafayette Journal and Courier (November 10, 2012). At the center of the efforts is state senator Dennis Kruse (R-District 14), who told the newspaper that he plans to introduce a bill drafted by the Discovery Institute, presumably along the lines of the bills adopted, despite the protests of the scientific and educational communities, in Tennessee in 2012 and Louisiana in 2008.

Although the text of the bill that Kruse eventually introduces in the senate may disclaim any intention to promote a religious doctrine, it seems likely that in Indiana as in Tennessee and Louisiana, it will be difficult for the legislative sponsors to avoid disclosing their true intentions…

Be on the watch Indiana! You have solid case law behind you. Don’t let them single out evolution for questioning in science class. Ask they if they believe gravity is just a theory too!

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    > Be on the watch Illinois!


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