Probst exposes psychics. Can we create a TV trend?

Psychic Blues author and skeptic Mark Edward appeared on the Jeff Probst show yesterday to expose psychics.

Probing with Probst

The Good News: We may have reached the tipping point with the tv talk show circus and their propensity for spreading woo and rediculous paranormal trash. With the likes of Witch Dr. Phil and Anderson Cooper continuing to give positive accolades to  mediums, psychic detectives and all manner of un-proven nonsense in their never ending quests for tabloid ratings success, a new face has emerged who just might have the balls to stand up and say enough to all the baloney.  The Jeff Probst Show is the new kid on the block…

What you will see as a centerpiece Halloween show  is an effort to put the shoe on the right paranormal foot and show just how powerful “suggestion” can be as a tool for both deception and empowerment; a concept I have tried to champion without much understanding or support from the skeptical community for years.

Here is the piece that describes what is going on with this episode.

Is Probst a new ally? Mark points out we once thought Anderson Cooper was a hard-hitting skeptically-minded TV host but that went down the tubes as he was soft on John Edward. Cooper’s show is now cancelled. Can a no-nonsense show do well? As mentioned, “Science can be just as compelling as throwing chairs around.” Exposing frauds and scams is compelling TV! Mark and Susan Gerbic call for the public to support this show and to tell the producers that this type of TV is wanted and needed.

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