Priming the community to watch for scams works!

Would-Be Victim Outsmarts Suspects in Weird Asian Ghost Scam, Four Charged – San Francisco – News – The Snitch.

The District Attorney was pretty stoked to announce he’s charged additional suspects connected to that bizarre ghost scam that’s plagued San Francisco’s Asian community since early this year.

“Our public awareness campaign is working,” said District Attorney George Gascón. “Thanks to the media, potential victims are becoming aware of the scam and extra vigilant.”

The M.O. was the same as the last Chinese ghost scam from earlier this summer, where the suspects duped dozens of elderly Asian women to hand over their cash and valuables. In total, the suspects made off with more than $1 million, according to police. In September, three more women were arrested on suspicion of stealing victim’s money after telling them there were evil spirits attached to them. One victim alone lost $35,000.

Since then, the cops and the DA have been hosting community meetings to educate residents about this crafty scam.

The community education is working! Potential victims are recalling the warnings they heard from police and reporting it.

Congratulations to the local police for their great community education program which has clearly made a positive difference to help people to think critically and protect themselves.