Pet psychic not successful in finding missing cat

Pet psychic called in to find missing Hatfield cat.

Devastated owners Anna Simmons and her son Nicholas, 31, from Hatfield, have hired the psychic to find lost cat Maguire, who has been missing since September 22.

After putting up more than a thousand ‘missing cat’ posters around Hatfield Mrs Simmons has now hired a pet communicator to help trace the missing moggy.

Mrs Simmons found the medium online and got in contact with the psychic – who charges £60 an hour.

“She then emailed me saying that she could see that Maguire had gone under a pair of double gates with metal bars going up in an industrial area– and my son lives behind the station near an industrial estate.”

After this search proved fruitless the psychic said that she had seen Maguire going into an area with lots of allotments.

At the moment the partnership is not proving very successful.

Let me know if the cat is found and then, if the psychic claims she had a hand. Obviously, this arrangement isn’t working to the cat’s advantage.

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  1. Kristen
    November 7, 2012 at 7:25 PM

    This kind of thing makes me very angry, because it is another example of a ‘psychic’ preying on someone during a very vulnerable time. I think it is actually quite common. There is a lady in our small town whose cat disappeared over two years ago. They live in a very wooded area, far from other houses, full of coyote and cougar, but instead of facing the fact that her cat is gone, she talked to a psychic who convinced her the cat was picked up, and is just waiting for them to find her. It’s unspeakably cruel. So this person continuously posts on Craigslist asking the people who took her to give her cat back. It really breaks my heart, and no one can talk reason with her because she chooses to believe the psychic instead of moving on. There are certainly victims here, even if they are victims of their own gullibility 🙁

    In a similar vein, we also have a man and his dog ‘tracking team’ which can’t seem to track anything. But they get paid to come out and try, and they always track the lost pet to the roadside, where they lose the track, and say it’s because it was picked up by someone in a car. Always! So I see many heartbroken pleas for people to return their lost pets, because they know some stranger picked them up, the tracker told them so. This has been going on for years. I think a dowser could do just as well.

  2. November 7, 2012 at 7:54 PM

    Well duh! Of course she didn’t find the cat – she was reading the cat’s mind but the cat didn’t know where it was.

    You know someone will say that & mean it.

  3. Brewhogg
    November 8, 2012 at 12:49 PM

    I feel obligated to use my special psychic powers to help this family find their cat. I see the cat is near water. The cat is near either a river or a lake or a puddle of water or a water fountain or a pool or a cup of water or a painting created with water colors or a water bong. Laugh at my psychic prediction now, but I GUARANTEE when this cat is found it will be near water …… or near something that starts with a “W” like a windmill or a wormhole or a wig or a Willy Wonka candy bar.

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