Magician Wayne Houchin, accused of practicing voodoo, set on fire on TV broadcast

A U.S. magician was set on fire during a television broadcast in the Dominican Republic. Apparently the host was trying to “bless” him but doused his head with a flammable substance and set it alight.

Magician’s Head Set on Fire by Host on National TV Show

A magician almost lost his life when his head was set on fire on national television in the Dominican Republic.

American Wayne Houchin suffered severe burns when a man, thought to be the host, suddenly took a handful of cologne, set it on fire and threw it over the entertainer’s head.

The show’s crew rushed onto the set to douse the blaze, and Houchin was rushed to a nearby medical centre.

It is stated the substance used was Aqua de Florida, “a voodoo cleansing agent popular with shamen and witch doctors in the Caribbean.”

The Daily Deception has more including a translation of a facebook post that lends some explanation:

At 12:35 p.m. when Good Bolivar, Wayne and Fran Houchin were finishing his participation in the program ‘ Approach the Stars ‘ of missis Adriana Azzi, who in this occasion was being presented by mister Franklin Barazarte, also the director of the above mentioned program, who without notice previous and without any type of safety measurements, offered them ‘ to give them ‘ a blessing and taking Water of Florida (that is extremely inflammable for his high alcoholic content) proceeded to set fire to Wayne Houchin, resulting in serious burns in his face, heard neck and right hand.

We want to make clear, that the above mentioned event was not a part of our presentation and that we do not receive any notice previous either, it was undoubtedly a CRIMINAL ATTACK and unfortunately the place was not counting with extinguidores of fire or I equip of the first help. Only the rapid and efficient intervention of the rest of our team saved the life of Wayne.

The host (in black jacket) doused Wayne and set him on fire.

They go on to state that Super Magazine had accused the team of practicing voodoo and witchcraft and the event was in response to that. They lament that just because your culture interprets observations differently does not allow you to take serious actions into your own hands.

Details are sketchy. Houchin was burned badly but should be OK. It could have been VERY serious. After, you see that same host try to assist him. It’s not exactly clear what happened.

Bruce Hood has put up a blog post on the news as well.

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  1. November 30, 2012 at 9:51 AM

    The whole story, as it stands, is unfathomable. Did they set him up for this “cleansing”? It seems like it might be assault even without the fire.

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