Mad phantom gluer of Ireland

Well this is weird!

BBC News – Letterkenny glue attacks: more houses are targeted.

On Wednesday morning, up to 60 cars and houses in the Glencar Park area of Letterkenny had their locks glued by a disguised man who was captured on CCTV.

Local locksmith, Conal Kelly, said the glue renders the doors useless and they cost more than €50 (£40) to replace.

In the first incident on September 28, over 25 homes in Letterkenny were targeted.

Gardai (police) Superintendent Vincent O’Brien has appealed to anybody who was in the vicinity of Glencar Park and Circular Road, to contact them.

“Milk delivery agents or people making their way early to work or to early morning gyms may have seen something that could help our investigation.

“We’re also appealing to anyone in the Glencar Park area who has CCTV footage, even if they weren’t targeted, to come forward and help us.”

Gardai are known to be deeply concerned about ‘copycats’ and the random selection of targets.

While this story mentions he was caught on closed-circuit TV (first line), there are no details about this. The police are appealing to people to report suspicious behavior. Like someone walking around with a gigantic glue gun? What a weird way to vandalize.

Shall we call him Stuck-door Jack?

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  1. Sanitary
    November 8, 2012 at 10:30 AM

    Jack the Sticker

  2. Xezlec
    November 24, 2012 at 10:48 PM

    Probably the locksmith!

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