Leftover Links for November 17, 2012

Oh, just a few leftovers for you to chew on today…

Here is another case of UFOs that may have been insects. This was a big deal a year or so ago, now some analyses have come out.
Split Decision on Chilean UFO Case | TDG – Science, Magick, Myth and History.

The dumb on this BURNS. Based on real people. Ugh.
Julie Roberts Producing ‘Paranormal Housewives’ Drama For Lifetime.

I don’t know why. Makes positively NO sense. Or should I say “nonsense”
Judge sentences teen convicted of manslaughter to church – Oklahoma City – KOCO.com.

Fort used to speculate things lived in the sky… but that’s not what they are talking about here.
Hunting for High Life: What Lives in Earth’s Stratosphere?.