Leftover links for November 15, 2012

Some leftover links you should check out today…

Weird! Record-breaking millipede discovered on outskirts of Silicon Valley

Moldy water
Consumer Alert: Lab tests show gooey mold in ‘Vitamin Water’

By 2045 we will reach the “Singularity,” a point of no return where people and machine will reach a deep level of integration.
Engineering A Singular Future For Humanity : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR.

A story about unsolved mystery deaths in Thailand.
Your Daughter Died | Wired Science | Wired.com.

A new movie about climate change.
Chasing Ice.

Do animals have a moral compass?
Do Animas Know Right From Wrong? | LiveScience.

A new UFO show this weekend on Nat Geo – I’m skeptical it will be any good… more stories.
About UFOs: The Untold Stories Show – National Geographic Channel – UK.

There is now a petition to stop the petitions.
Shut down the petitions

Authorities found no criminal wrongdoing
Couple from faith-healing church cleared of wrongdoing in Oregon City stillbirth | OregonLive.com.

Cool camera trap photos. Still no Bigfoot.
Skunk Scares Off Cougar in Camera Trap Photo | Wildlife Photos | LiveScience.

Never ending search is RIGHT! Kill this show off.
‘Finding Bigfoot’: Never-Ending Search for Sasquatch – ABC News.

Sasquatch “vocalizations”
Faces of Kansas City: Man says he has audio proof of Bigfoot – KCTV5.