Leftover Links for November 14, 2012

Here are a few leftovers that didn’t make our front page. Eat UP!

Petitions petitions petitions… Even Bigfoot has one, to recognize something we haven’t even found yet.
Recognize the cryptid species known as Bigfoot as an endangered species in the United States of America..

Unsolved mystery
Massive Indianapolis explosion baffles investigators

On false memories
Remember when sharks were swimming the streets of New Jersey?

Oh, Russia, you so crazee
Woman predicting alien lizard attack on Earth registers a political party | The Moscow News.

Probably a good way of thinking about this…
Annapolis man wants to take a scientific look at UFOs – CapitalGazette.com.

Exactly NOT what America needs right now.
Climate Change Denier Likely to Lead Congressional Science Committee | Scientific American Blog Network.