Jesus shows his face while destroying a business

Burnt Down but Blessed |

The flames coming from Joe’s Ranch House in Beach Lake quickly tore through the newly renovated restaurant and apartments along Route 652 in Wayne County.

Hours later, owner Joe Krempasky sifted through the aftermath as current and former employees looked on in disbelief.

Fire crews said it’s a total loss. Carol Wingert’s daughter Kristen lived in what’s left of this apartment. Carol snapped a photo as fire crews battled the blaze. She believes it’s an image of the face of Jesus right outside her daughter’s apartment. Carol was also amazed that the only thing inside that wasn’t damaged was a Bible.

“Absolutely, I mean she`s blessed. Everybody here is blessed, and we`re blessed that we didn`t lose any firefighters or anything. The fire was huge,” said Carol Wingert of Narrowsburg, New York.

A dozen people without jobs, a lovely business destroyed, people crying and heartbroken. And they feel BLESSED?

(Just an aside, Bibles don’t burn easily because the pages are tight together not allowing the fire to consume them. Try throwing ANY book into a fire.)

A face? Humans tend to see faces in everything.

I’m at a loss to understand this, I’ll admit. This is a very unfortunate and sad event, possibly an accident or unintentional, I assume. The “face” she saw in the flames is merely a reflection of the hope she needs to get on with life. It is not Jesus, no one knows what Jesus looked like! It is not even a face. It is a human instinct to recognize patterns, as is the belief of a higher agent in control. But, not all of us can swallow THAT idea. Very unfortunate. And unfortunate that the local news put such a supernatural spin on it.

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  1. November 16, 2012 at 11:46 PM

    Charlie manson now you stop burning down restaurants!

  2. Brian
    November 17, 2012 at 1:31 PM

    I’ve heard this before… (example) “I’ve got an incurable disease, the house is falling in, the car’s dont run- and we have no money, but we’re so BLESSED!”. Egad. Jesus has some weird ways of blessing people. And as for losing ALL of one’s possesions except for a bible, which one can get at a $1 store nowadays, smacks of being slapped in the face.

    I guess tho once the insurance kicks in, and they get a huge check, it’ll be Jesus blessings, too… *rolls eyes*

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