Giants on a drunken spree in India

Tipsy jumbos on the rampage – Times Of India.

High on country liquor, an elephant herd created havoc in Dumurkota village under Kotwali police station in the wee hours of Sunday. The strong smell of the Mahua drink drew about 50 elephants from the nearby jungle. They first raided a shop that sells the drink. After finishing the stock of about 18 containers of the liquor, they wanted more.

The herd then raided three houses near the shop hoping to find more drink. By this time villagers had gathered and they managed to drive away the elephants to the jungle. Till late evening forest officials were trying to get the elephants cross the Kangsabati river.

“The herd also destroyed paddy fields. We are trying to push them back and get them cross the Knagsbati river,” said Asish Samanat, divisional forest officer (DFO) (Midnapore)

Not many people realize this is a problem. Like a pile of stereotypical pirates invading the village, they seek out some booze and have a good time. They might regret this in the morning.

Other animals get intoxicated and get into trouble as well. It’s not that unusual.

Indian elephant

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  1. Phil
    November 8, 2012 at 9:15 PM

    On vacation in Thailand I saw “wild” elephants. They are wild but know enough to come to the road and ask for food. They get aggressive and it’s no joke to be charged by an elephant since it can outweigh your car.

  2. November 8, 2012 at 9:38 PM

    There is a liquor sold in the US called Amarula from South Africa that is made from the fruit of a tree that elephants allegedly eat after it is fermented to get their drink on. I can’t vouch for the story, but it is a nice beverage.

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