Former Bigfoot hoaxer pulls Mars prank

The Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait, exposes this one but it has a funny twist:

Hoax site says NASA’s Curiosity rover found plastic beads on Mars.

I got a note from my friend Jules at Geeky Pleasures letting me know that a hoax website has turned up claiming NASA found plastic beads on Mars. Let’s be clear right away, folks: duh. It’s a hoax.

I can see why some people might fall for it though; the faker put in a solid effort to mimic JPL’s layout and style. Actual NASA scientists are quoted, too, and a lot of it is based on just enough truth to squeak past some baloney detectors. Heck, this even got linked on Slashdot! Happily, it got shot down pretty quickly.

Clearly, the hoaxer is counting on the recent foofooraw about NASA having found something on Mars, a rumor that was quickly shown here on Slate to be a big misunderstanding by a reporter who interviewed a NASA scientist.

“Foofooraw” is now my favorite word.

But who is this guy? A former Bigfoot player. I mean, hoaxer.

Xevier Jenks did this hilarious press release about Bigfoot in New Orleans.It was one of those Poe things that was believed by a few people. This website was not around yet at that time (June 2011) or we totally would have covered it.

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  1. Brian
    November 30, 2012 at 8:37 AM

    Geeze- if you’re gonna hoax- at least do a good job at it!

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