Commissioners lose election because they sided with anti-fluoride extremists

This was such a great article that I had to pass it on. It’s several weeks old, from election time but take a look at this key piece…

Pinellas County commissioners blame fluoride vote for failed re-election bids – Tampa Bay Times.

At a tense Republican watch party at the Hilton St. Petersburg Carillon Park hotel Tuesday night, Brickfield and Bostock blamed their losses on one issue: fluoride.

The pair were part of a bloc of commissioners who voted a year ago to stop adding the cavity-fighting mineral to the county’s drinking water.

The four commissioners who opposed fluoride said they were motivated by concern for public health while critics called the vote as a capitulation to tea party extremists who believe fluoride is harmful.

“The voters clearly said they want fluoride in the water,” Brickfield said. “And I will never vote against fluoride again as long as I live.”

Bostock said the fluoride issue was unfairly emphasized by the Tampa Bay Times in its election reporting and editorials. Throughout their campaigns, both candidates stuck by their votes and denied that fluoride was a major topic on voters’ minds.

“When I was out in the community the topic of fluoride came up very, very little. But the coverage of it was excessive,” Bostock said.

The squeeky wheels DO NOT always represent the population. They are extreme. This is what happens when you don’t use reason and good science to inform your decisions. I was very glad to see this come out in print.

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