Church cult in Ontario under investigation for polygamy, abuse

OPP probe polygamous church cult allegations.

In the heart of pastoral Ontario, Carol Christie lived a nightmare that she insists exists to this day. And finally the OPP are looking into her bombshell allegations of a church cult that condones polygamy, underage sex, physical abuse and brainwashing.

When Christie was 18, she says she was beaten and drugged by a fellow member of the Church of Jesus Christ Restored, and then taken to live with King and his other wives at his farmhouse in Sauble Beach. He was 24 years her senior.

When King died in 1986, Christie dared to dream again, that perhaps she and her children would soon be free of the church that ruled their every thought and movement. Instead, King’s son Fred by his legal wife took over both his title and his possessions. And so she was passed from father to son.

In 2010, Christie filed a lawsuit against King, now 53, and the church, alleging she was involved in polygamous “coercive and abusive sexual relations” and was subject to “forcible confinement”, assaults, threats and emotional abuse.

King and the church filed a statement of defence denying all her allegations. But they quickly settled her lawsuit and five others for “a lot of money.” A request for comment left at the church’s printing business was not returned.

This is a long exposé about a cult situation filled with sex, allegations of child abuse and brainwashing. The victims’ aim is to close down the church that still holds some of their family hostage.

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