Celebrity Scientologists use shady expert on TV show (Update: Autism claims)

Kelly Preston Uses Convicted Pharmacist with Suspended License As “Expert” on TV Show “The Doctors” | Showbiz411.

On the November 21st episode of the syndicated TV show “The Doctors,” spooky Scientologist Kelly Preston shilled for her fellow sect member Kirstie Alley’s Organic Liaison diet program. As part of the show, Preston presented a taped piece in which she visited a place called Alternative Laboratories, which makes supplements for Alley’s company. What Preston didn’t say is that the “expert” in the Alternative Laboratories segment had his pharmacy license suspended in 2004 for ten years after pleading guilty to a host of charges of fraud and for failing a personal drug test.

I wrote three years ago that Organic Liaison was just another front for Scientology. Alley denounced me on the Today show. But the story stands. Since I wrote it, Alley has added another top Scientologist, Brit Andrew Banks, to the advisory board.

The article notes that wild claims were made on the show including that autism “goes away” (it doesn’t). Scientology and crazy medical claims just go together; it’s a bit WEIRD when religion and medicine are paired up since the philosophy of each is not compatible with the other. Scientology teachings have some very different and unconventional ideas about illness, drugs and treatments, some of which clearly don’t work or can be harmful. But the bottom line is: you should never take medical advice from celebrities and any doctor shilling stuff on TV should be under suspicion as well.

UPDATE (23-Nov-2012) There is more on this show from this piece. It sounds like Preston makes unsubstantiated claims about her late son’s autism and it’s causes. Once again, don’t count on celebs for medical knowledge.

Delving further into the topic of autism, Preston who has two other children Ella, 12, and Benjamin, 2 said, “I strongly believe as a mother, as does my husband, that there are certain contributing factors that lead to autism.” For her, those included a bout with food poisoning while she was pregnant, her “fast and hard” labor, and taking antibiotics while breastfeeding, which gave Jett thrush (a common yeast infection in the mouth, which some studies have linked to a symptom of autism).

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  1. Adam
    November 23, 2012 at 8:14 AM

    If you want to know why Scientology has so many weird notions about drugs and psychiatry you only have to look at the founder. L Ron Hubbard had a lot of run-ins with shrinks (e.g. court appointed after beating up his wife and threatening to kill her) which resulted in a diagnosis of schizophrenia with a large dollop of paranoia and narcissism thrown in. He was as mad as a box of frogs in other words and he became deeply distrustful of them. In his own mind he wasn’t mad, he was destined for greatness so therefore the only explanation was that shrinks were part of a shadowy cabal intent on world domination! This insanity was impressed upon his cult and the signs are still there.

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