Alien face in the Aurora

Are we being watched? ‘Alien’ reaches out through Northern Lights – Yahoo! News UK.

Using a complicated system unknown to us humans, aliens appear to have managed to beam their image onto the spectacular Northern Lights sky.

The photographer was shocked on his return home to see the image of the green faced alien in his pictures of the aurora Northern Lights.

On a clear night on September 8, Belegurschi stayed up all night and waited to watch the aurora Northern Lights dance in the sky.

He said: “I didn’t see the alien face during shooting, but when I came home I checked my photographs on the computer and I saw it! It’s unbelievable, I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

This is a fun little story. The Aurora, which are caused by solar particles reacting with the Earth’s atmosphere, provide some of the most breath-taking views on Earth. The chaotic nature of the disturbance meant it was only a matter of time before some kind of “face” seemed to appear due to pareidolia and of course in keeping with the outer space nature of the Aurora it just had to be an alien.

Some are claiming Photoshop, I’m not really sure. Either way, It’s a cool picture.

Photo credit: Iurie Belegurschi

In case you don’t see it, this picture will make it all clear!

Also, this is not the first time we’ve had a story about faces being seen in the Northern Lights.