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Leftover Links for November 9, 2012


Some interesting links surfaced today… He didn’t hear that coming? Man napping in cornfield survives being run over by combine. I have no idea… Image of the Day: Strange Hourglass- Shaped Object in Kuiper Belt. More on Burzynski trials: The 21st Floor » Burzynski: the Clinical trials. We’ll be watching for the result of this…

Molleen Matsumura, evolution activist and writer, dies


Molleen Matsumura dies | NCSE. Molleen Matsumura, a former employee of NCSE [National Center for Science Education], died on October 30, 2012, at the age of 64. She was an activist and community organizer helping to oppose creationist incursions into communities, rallying scientific and educational organizations to take a stand, and informing the press of…

Pepsi and Coke to launch more “health and beauty” drinks. Gulp!


New Pepsi ‘Special’ Claims to Contain Fat-Blockers | Foodbeast. Pepsi Special, a drink deemed by the Japanese government as a “food for specified health uses,” is Japan’s newest addition to its soft drink repertoire. The dextrin found in this particular vein of Pepsi is reportedly helpful when it comes to blocking fat, making it difficult…