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Leftover Links for November 8, 2012


Leftover yummies from today. It was a slow news day… Trial documents have been posted on this libel case. Should be interesting! Psychic Sally v Daily Mail libel trial set for 2013 – slsingh’s posterous. Dumped down a well. Murder Mystery Surrounds Skeletons in Ancient Israel Well – Bloomberg. Scientology in Israel Scientology makes few…

Viral blobsquatch

Classic blobsquatch. Yeah, I can't see it either.

I’ll be brief…I have no idea why this is getting any press. It’s a blobsquatch. There is nothing to see. Alleged Big Foot Sighting in Utah Goes Viral – ABC News. A couple of campers got the scare of their lives the day before Halloween after they spotted what they claim was the infamous Bigfoot.…

Giants on a drunken spree in India

Indian elephant

Tipsy jumbos on the rampage – Times Of India. High on country liquor, an elephant herd created havoc in Dumurkota village under Kotwali police station in the wee hours of Sunday. The strong smell of the Mahua drink drew about 50 elephants from the nearby jungle. They first raided a shop that sells the drink.…