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Leftover Links for November 3, 2012


We’ve got a shiny new site, don’t we? I’m very proud. Thanks to Aaron, our designer. Contact him if you need a job done right. http://www.aaronscottmercer.com I still managed to rustle up some leftover news links from today. Um, it’s PACKAGED! Not very intimidating. This was silly. Myrtle Beach mom finds razor in daughter’s Halloween…

Poll about monsters and paranormal beliefs should NOT be compared to global warming opinions

satanic panic

A Halloween-related poll looked at Americans’ views about the holiday and other paranormal and scary subjects. The media, however, chose to focus on the crosstabs query that shows that… Shocking Poll – More than Two-Thirds of Republican Voters Believe in Demonic Possession | Alternet. Less than one week away from the election, a terrifying new…

Vandals admit burying “orgonites” at Serpent Mound. Yeah, that’s illegal.

Serpent mound, Ohio

Vandals admit muffin-crystal-thingie assault at Serpent Mound | The Columbus Dispatch. A group of “light warriors” buried what may be hundreds of small muffinlike resin objects, embedded with aluminum foil and quartz crystals, at Serpent Mound with the intent of realigning the energy of the ancient Native American site in Peebles. The Ohio Historical Society…